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3 Books That Will Improve Your Prayer Life

07.20.18 | Prayer | by Kie Bowman @kiebowman.com

3 Books That Will Improve Your Prayer Life

Because prayer is both powerful and perplexing, I suggest you read one or all of these books to jolt your prayer life back into a healthy rhythm. This isn’t an exhaustive list because if it was I would have to include books by Leonard Ravenhill, David Brainerd, E.M. Bounds, John Franklin, Jack Taylor, Samuel Chadwick, Anne Graham Lotz, Ronnie Floyd, Daniel Henderson, Bill Elliff, Steve Gaines, Bill Bright, Al Mohler and many others. The three books I’ve chosen for this list are easy to read, perfect for getting your prayer life started, or for starting over. So, here’s a brief idea what each book is about and why you should read it.